Real Fruit blended Ice-Creams

Made fresh to order, right before your eyes

Watch as we blend real fruit with creamy vanilla ice-cream right before your eyes. 

Each ice-cream is made fresh to order so you can see exactly what goes into it, and watch as we make it right before your eyes. 


Just vanilla ice-cream and real fruit, nothing else. Naturally delicious


Our current fruit selections include: 

  • Strawberries

  • Mango

  • Mixed berries

  • Passionfruit

  • Banana

...or mix and match flavours for the ultimate taste sensation. 

Flyin' Fox Ice-Blocks

Made with real fruit and natural ingredients

We are proud to stock 'Flyin Fox Ice Blocks' as part of our cold treat selections.

All ice-blocks that we stock are dairy and gluten free. 


Each ice-block is hand-crafted in Murwillumbah, NSW from Australian sourced products, with a strong emphasis on supporting local farmers. 


Founded in 2009 and at the forefront of the small batch, artisan ice-block movement in Australia, each ice-block contains no food additives whatsoever, and where possible, Flyin' Fox strive to use organic ingredients, making them a refreshingly healthy treat on a hot day.   


For people trying to limit their sugar intake, each ice-block contains less or equal sugar than a ripe banana of similar weight, with some containing no added sugar, other than that which can be found in the fruits used.

'Kids Special' Ice-Creams

Our budget friendly 'Kids Special' ice-creams provide an affordable option for big or small families, while being adequately sized for the smallest of appetites. 

With a choice of Vanilla or Chocolate ice-cream with sprinkles, kids and 'big kids at heart' will love the price and taste of our traditional ice-cream option.